Healthy Retirement

As I worked beside our son this weekend and with his contractor during the week, I realized how important your health is to an enjoyable retirement. As I approach my 80th birthday I can still work side by side with my kids, building lasting, positive memories as a legacy as important as a rich estate. Our oldest son is completely redoing his lakefront home, both inside and out. My good health allows me to tear off siding, pull up carpets, help remove old kitchen cabinets, assist with disposal of debris and many other chores. I do have a few aching joints, but icing the affected parts, and the good feeling I experience, makes it all worthwhile. Chapter 10 of 4 Star Retirement-2 Star Budget has great ideas on how to maintain your health on an affordable budget and with reasonable effort. Learn ways to remain productive well into your retirement years, creating your own lasting memories.

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