Doing A Lot With A Little

This book is a historical narrative about the Olson Family.  A wonderful story about a family who did many things with limited resources.

We all wish to do something special for our kids and grandkids, which will last throughout their lives.  A description of their roots is the most lasting gift I could imagine.  This book provides a foundation from which they can grow to experience their own life stories.

Born in the midst of the Great Depression, in my short 79 years, I have lived through many dramatic and life changing experiences, which include vivid memories of World War II, jet and supersonic aircraft, space stations, TV, internet, Index Funds, wireless phones and much more.

Our kids and grandkids can look forward to space travel, nuclear fusion energy, magnetic propulsion, energy independence, fuel cell cars and home energy and other concepts not yet envisioned.  They will take on a heavy responsibility for the interactions of the entire world.  Hopefully, as they view the good and the bad of our generation, they will learn from our mistakes and create a better and more lasting world.

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