Healthy Retirement

As I worked beside our son this weekend and with his contractor during the week, I realized how important your health is to an enjoyable retirement. As I approach my 80th birthday I can still work side by side with my kids, building lasting, positive memories as a legacy as important as a rich estate. Our oldest son is completely redoing his lakefront home, both inside and out. My good health allows me to tear off siding, pull up carpets, help remove old kitchen cabinets, assist with disposal of debris and many other chores. I do have a few aching joints, but icing the affected parts, and the good feeling I experience, makes it all worthwhile. Chapter 10 of 4 Star Retirement-2 Star Budget has great ideas on how to maintain your health on an affordable budget and with reasonable effort. Learn ways to remain productive well into your retirement years, creating your own lasting memories.


The book will help you learn what you need in order to achieve an outstanding retirement. At least twice per month I will blog some of the retirement success techniques covered in the book.
Chapter one helps you make the right retirement decision, whether now or in the future. Chapter two covers where is the best place to live, from where you are to relocation overseas.

Blog of the future

Follow me into the future as I provide hints of how to get the best from your retirement. My updates will be several times each month, so keep checking back for the latest info on travel, money, health and getting the most from your exciting life.

Announcing my New Book!

I am delighted and excited to announce my new book, “4 Star Retirement – 2 Star Budget”!  It’s at the printer and will hit the streets this month!

You can own a copy through Amazon!  This book is to help you create the retirement you envision at an affordable cost!


4 Star Retirement-2 Star Budget update

May 21, 2011, found Jean and I returning from a 23 day Holland America cruise from Ft. Lauderdale, FL to Rome, Italy. We visited Portugal’s Ponta Delgada, Spain’s Cadiz, Almeria, Valencia and Barcelona, France’s Cannes and Nice, Plus Monaco, and Genoa and Rome, Italy, along with Tunis, Tunisia and Palermo, Sicily. We learned many ways to enjoy a deluxe cruise, while saving nearly 50%. All of the ways to stretch your budget will be covered in my book, 4 STAR RETIREMENT-2 STAR BUDGET. Happy Crusing,   Jim Olson

Hello and Welcome!


I am an entrepreneur who has pursued many careers and enjoyed life to its fullest.  I have, as a new adventure, begun to write books to share knowledge gained through my various activities and experiences. 

Growing up, business, family and making the most of life are the ingredients in my first book.  I hope you find my writings humorous, thought-provoking, enlightening and entertaining. 

Whatever you do in life, remember, knowledge is a treasure. Read, study and discuss. Your brain will rust from non-use, so keep it bright and shiny with education.