I’m an Author Now – posted November 29, 2010

One of the most exciting events of recent years just happened to me – I received the first printed copy of my book from the FedEx man today. This was the culmination of 10 days visiting Ann McIndoo and Ken, getting the final book piece-parts put together. The Fed Ex man delivered the Pre-Pub book, which looks like the finished book, but needs all of the final editing. My goal is to complete the edit by noon 12/2, with the final print addition available by Christmas. I worked through most of the Thanksgiving Holiday, so a belated Happy Thanksgiving to all.

Jim R Olson

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  1. I can’t wait to read the books. You continue to amaze me with the many new and exciting things you and Grandma do. Thank you for writing down our history, it’s something that seems to get lost in our fast paced lives. I am also looking forward to reading about how to have a 4 star retirement on a 2 star budget. You and Grandma seem to have had a very fulfilling retirement, and I can hopefully get some tips for Tim and I.

  2. Jim’s update. With 4 Star Retirement-2Star Budget now available, both on Amazon in print and Kindle editions, and in the Pacific Northwest, I am publicizing the retirement info by articles in the local Senior News newspaper. I am also scheduled to participate in the “Living Well – Living Long” exhibition in September, 2013. Individual sales are doing well among my daily contacts within the senior service providers and the local “Boomers.” Many favorable comments about the book’s information.

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