About Jim

Based on his many adventures and experiences , Jim wrote his first book, “Doing A Lot With a Little”.  It started as a historical narrative for his family and turned into a wonderful and inspiring story for everyone.  He wrote this book for his grandchildren and great grandchildren, not only as a legacy, but also a way for future generations to know their ancestors.

Warm and witty, Jim describes growing up in Port Townsend, Washington, playing in the tunnels where sailors in the early 1800s were “Shanghaied”, his days as a “Powder Monkey” in the Forest Service and working on the cannery tenders in Alaska’s fishing industry at age 15.

This book led to “4 Star Retirement on a 2 Star Budget”, a book about creating the retirement you desire.  As Jim describes the book, “Retirement is a very personal thing and should be tailored to the life style of each of us.”  In his book, Jim shares his knowledge and experience to help you create your own personal retirement.

Jim enjoys golf, fishing, wine tasting and RVing on the West Coast and Canada.  He has shared 59 years with his lovely wife, Jean, and lives near Olympia, Washington.