4 Star Retirement

4 Star Retirement on a 2 Star Budget is a guide for anyone interested in learning how to prepare for and enjoy the retirement you have always dreamed of.

A long and enjoyable retirement is high on the list of goals for most of us.  But, how many of us acquire the knowledge and do the planning necessary to achieve these goals?  At age 79, after 15 years of productive and enjoyable retirement, I would like to share some ideas and retirement secrets that have made this the best time of my life.

Retirement is a very personal thing, and should be tailored to the life styles of each of us.  In my book, I explore many of the topics and decisions occurring in retirement, such as housing, travel, budgets, health, investments, and many others.  A variety of alternatives will be introduced for each of the topics, allowing the reader to choose those best suited to their retirement goals.

The chapters are primarily stand alone, so you can go directly to those topics of most interest at any given time.  Hopefully, by documenting the best results of my trial and error approach to retirement, it will help you enjoy your 4 Star Retirement on a 2 Star Budget!

Jim Olson